Questions & Answers (Q&A)

This section includes the most commonly asked questions about healthy beverages standards for child care facilities in California.

Why should we care about healthy beverages in child care?

Early childhood is when children's taste preferences and habits form. Improving healthy beverage standards in child care is an important step in ensuring that they form healthy habits for life. More

Why focus on beverages?

Research has increasingly identified sugary drinks as a major driver of the obesity epidemic. While limiting sugary drinks alone will not solve the obesity crisis, it can make a significant impact. More

What are California's standards for beverages in licensed child care?

In September of 2010, Governor Schwarzenegger signed AB 2084, to establish healthy beverage standards in licensed child care centers and homes. More

How will California's beverage standards be monitored and enforced?

These new standards will be monitored and enforced as part of the Department of Social Services' regularly scheduled, authorized inspections.

Why limit juice? I thought juice is healthy.

Health professionals, including the American Academy of Pediatrics, call for limitations on juice. More

What about flavored milk? Why prohibit that?

Flavored milk contains unnecessary sweeteners. Milk is an important source of nutrients, but young children shouldn't grow accustomed to sweetened, sugary milk. More

Why is water important?

Water is an essential nutrient that is vital to life. Poor hydration can harm physical and mental performance. More

Is tap water unclean or unsafe?

In most places, no. Tap water is rigorously tested and subject to state and federal standards. More

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