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Serving healthy beverages is an essential part of providing a nutritious and balanced diet. Check here
periodically to learn the latest about implementing healthy beverage choices in California's child care programs.

Sugar Bites!

Sugar Bites is a social marketing campaign aimed at preventing childhood obesity in Contra Costa County through reducing consumption of sugary drinks. In order to protect the health of Contra Costa County kids, Sugar Bites urges parents to choose water for their kids instead of sugary drinks. Sugar Bites is a collaborative effort of First 5 Contra Costa and Healthy and Active Before 5.

New Study Shows the Beverages Served in California Child Care Has Significantly Improved!

California Food Policy Advocates, UC Berkeley's Center for Weight & Health, and the Samuels Center have released a new policy brief that provides highlights and policy next steps from their recently completed study, Impact of AB 2084 on Regulating Beverages in Licensed Childcare, funded by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, Healthy Eating Research. The research indicates that after the Healthy Beverages law was implemented, the beverages served in California child care significantly improved! The brief contains more details about the research and explains the specific policy recommendations.

New Nutrition and Wellness Handbook for CACFP Childcare Providers

USDA and Health & Human Services have just published a downloadable Nutrition and Wellness Tips for Young Children Handbook to help childcare providers create healthier environments for the children in their care. It includes a series of tip sheets addressing wellness recommendations from the 2010 Dietary Guidelines for Americans and Caring for Our Children: National Health and Safety Performance Standards: Guidelines for Early Care and Education, 3rd Edition. Of particular note, the handbook includes CACFP Wellness Resources, and a tip sheet on Making Water Available throughout the Day and Building a Healthy Plate with Milk.

Reference Chart of Potential Options for Water Dispensers

This easy to read reference chart lists multiple options for water dispensers that can be used in your child care facility to meet AB 2084 standards. This information was gathered from current practices in schools, and includes prices, current users, and additional considerations.

State Promotion of the Healthy Beverages in Child Care website!

This letter from the California Department of Education, Nutrition Services Division promotes this website as a valuable resource for helping California's child care providers meet AB 2084 healthy beverage standards.

New Study Recommends Water Be Served with Meals in Child Care

A new analysis funded by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation recommends that child care providers should provide water "both between and during meals and snacks as there is no evidence to support the concern that water might interfere with the intake of milk and other healthy foods."

Making a Splash for Health!

The March 2012 Network for Healthy California Statewide Conference featured a presentation called "Making a Splash: Increasing Water Consumption by Young Children," which focused on low water consumption by young children. A recent study by First 5 Los Angeles found that only six percent of young children are regularly drinking tap water, which impacts their oral health, nutrition, learning, and nutrition.

A copy of the presentation is available here.

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