About Us

About Us
Serving nutritious beverages is an essential part of providing a healthy and balanced diet. Check here
periodically to learn the latest about implementing healthy choices in California's child care programs.

Healthy Beverages in Child Care is a project of California Food Policy Advocates (CFPA). CFPA, founded in 1992, is a statewide public policy and advocacy organization dedicated to improving the health and well being of low-income Californians by increasing their access to nutritious and affordable food. 

CFPA employs a variety of strategies to develop and implement public policies that recognize the value of adequate nutrition and its fundamental contribution to good health and development, education, and productivity.   These strategies include:

  • Research that demonstrates the scope and nature of hunger in California and the efficacy of public and private food programs in mitigating it.
  • Development and promotion of strategies and programs to meet the nutrition needs of low-income communities and individuals.
  • Public education and advocacy to ensure the inclusion of nutrition in the formation and implementation of sound public policy.
  • Technical assistance, training and support to low-income communities in their efforts to identify and overcome hunger and hunger-related deficiencies.
  • Collaboration, through conferences, communication and coalition-building, among food program providers and other community-based organizations throughout California to facilitate their working together to mitigate hunger and poverty.





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